Saturday, February 16, 2008

Irish Rose Snowflake

Irish Rose Snowflake
Copyright 2008 Marika Simon

American Terminology

sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet (UK/AUS double crochet)
hdc = half double crochet (UK/AUS half treble)
dc = double crochet (UK/AUS treble)
tr = triple/treble crochet (UK/AUS double treble)
dtr = double treble crochet (UK/AUS triple treble)

At the end of each round I indicate what you should end up with as “= {completed round count}”

Chain 6; join with sl st to make a ring.

Round 1: Ch 6 (counts as dc, ch 3) in ring: [dc, ch 3] 5 times; join with sl st to 3rd chain in original ch 6. = {6 dc, 6 ch 3 sp}

Round 2: In each ch 3 space: [sc, hdc, 3 x dc, hdc, sc] NB: These will be a tight fit but give the characteristic dense 3D petal of the Irish Rose ; sl st in first dc from round 1 (between the petals) to join = {6 petals}

Round 3: Working BEHIND PETALS (see Note): [sl st into the back of petals, ch 5] 6 times; join with sl st to initial sl st. = {6 ch 5 loops behind petals}

Round 4: In each ch 5 loop: [sc, hdc, 5 x dc, hdc, sc]; join with sl st to initial sc = { 6 petals}

Round 5: Working BEHIND SECOND ROW OF PETALS: [ch 9, sl st behind sc stitches between petals] 6 times = {6 ch 9 loops}

Round 6: [[sc, hdc, 3 x dc, tr, dtr, tr, 3 x dc, hdc, sc] in ch 9 loop, sc in sl st between loops] 6 times = {6 pointed petals with a sc between each petal}

Round 7: ch 9 (serves as dc, ch 6); [dc in dtr, ch 5 and sl st in 4th chain from hook, ch 5 and sl st in 5th chain from hook, ch 4 and sl st in 4th chain from hook, sl st in first chain of original chain 5 (below the first picot), sl st in dc, ch 6, dc in sc between petals, ch 6] 6 times; join with sl st in 3rd chain of starting ch 9. Finish off.

1. Rounds 3 and 5: If you cannot work your slip stitches into the back of your work between petals (whether into the back of the initial sc of the petals or around or into the post of the dc between stitches), you can put the slipstitch into the top of the dc between petals, just be sure to push the chain loop behind the petals before working into them.

2. If you are really having difficulty getting all of the petal stitches into the loops, add one chain per loop or try to chain loosely, but stitch tightly.

3. I learned the Irish Rose technique I adapted for this snowflake from The Reader's Digest Complete Book of Needlework copyright 1979.